Fallout 76

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Meet Fallout 76, the 9th part of the famous series of games and a unique multiplayer online experience. The plot is a previous story for all the existing part and it reveals the background of the entire narration. You are welcome to join the game server alone or with a group of you friends. The game features numerous well-known traits of the previous parts only adjusted for the real time gameplay, so all the fans will be absolutely delighted. This includes the VAST strategy that were previously created for the one-player version and allowed to stop the game process and spot your targets on the particular places such as enemies or objects. The game developers have also included this strategy to the online versions of Fallout and changed it for more convenience. Also, you will have a perfect chance to discover an enormously large open world full of different mysteries and quests. The world of the Fallout 76 is about 4 times bigger than the one you know from the previous part of the series. There you will find some locations that exist in the real world (the game’s universe is a modified West Virginia). By the way, some of the new monstrous creatures you will meet in the game were created on the basis of myths and fairytales of that region. There is a level-up opportunity in the game, but it has a very specific structure. In fact, there is a set of different attributes (seven of them) and you will have to improve each of them separately while you pass the missions. Among them you have power, intellect, and even fortune as well as a couple of other traits that are no less important. While you play, you receive bonus points and it is up to you to decide how to spend them. The points serve to increase the abilities that you choose. In the game, you and other players will do everything possible to discover the environment and survive in it. There is a central narrative every character takes part in as well as individual lines, which makes a really unique approach to the game narration.