Duck Season

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Duck hunting is a great way to spend your time. Especially, when you have a day of spare time. And what is more – the best hunt is the one, where you don’t have to kill anyone for real. As such, we welcome to you to take part in a digital hunt – realistic, well-made, and well-thought. The game title will remind you of an old console hunt game, where a player had to shot the ducks on a lake with a gun. This one is quite the same, only now you have amazing 3D graphics instead of pixels and a pretty advanced horror-plot behind the events. Yes, you have heard it right – this one is a horror game, so get ready that calm hunting will turn into something blood chilling and strange with time. The game amazes with its realistic elements. Everything is done perfectly here. First, the shooting and aiming is on the highest level. You have to spend some time to make a good shot! And try not to do that in vain – you have a limited amount of bullets, so be sure that you shot only when you are 100% assured that you will hit the duck. Second, the graphics really are striking. If you are that nature-lover type, you will have a great time playing Duck Season. Play it right now on our website – it is free and absolutely delightful! Get in!