Do Not Feed Monkeys

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One of the weirdest indie-games you have ever played is Do Not Feed Monkeys. You play for a dull beggar, who has a boring life of a loser. He lives alone in a rented room, has a stupid job, and absolutely no future outlook. To add at least any sense of meaning and adventure to your life, you decide to join a strange organization called “Primate Observation Club”. The members of the organization are voyeurs, who watch regular folks doing their regular routine via hidden cameras. Everything seems to be pretty suspicious and strange here and you have a natural desire to find out more about the organization you are now a part of. At the same time, it is not easy to stay in a group, since you receive the tasks all the time and need to fulfill them. You have to gather pieces of information and give them to your bosses. At the same time, you are required to pay for so-called “cage” every time you want to reach a new level. What is more, don’t forget that you also need to financially sustain yourself, buy food and pay for your room. There is a tough rule all organization members should follow at all costs: never feed the monkeys, which means that you have no right to communicate with people that are the victims of your perverted actions.