Animal Crossing

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The fairy-tale city of animals that talk and behave like human beings is waiting for you in these cool game series! This is Animal Crossing, a famous life simulator that encourages you to have fun and relax in a company of the cutest and most communicative anthropomorphic creatures ever. Here you will be the only human being – all the other characters are furry! They have paws, claws, and cute noses. What is more, they are really excited about you. In all the parts of the game, animals are glad to see you, even though you are so different. What is more, they want you to become the mayor of the city! Are you ready for the changes like that? We bet that your life will never be the same now.
The game is famous for being a life simulator that doesn’t prescribe any particular tasks you need to accomplish. You are not expected to get the achievements, do something fast enough, or gain scores. In this game, you are welcome to have fun in your own pace, doing only those things that seem interesting and engaging to you. For example, if you have always dreamt to have a collection of insects, you are welcome to visit the local forest and gather some bugs. Also, the city will become even more beautiful and comfortable if you will plant some trees there! There are more activities you can take part in and the local animals will help you find the one that you like the most. They will guide you and help you all the time, because you are their beloved human being! What is more, the game is full of various customization options, which allow you to change and edit the way your character looks. There are so many features of your appearance that decide your further destiny and the communication you will have with others! This is a pretty national Japanese specific trait, so pay special attention to this moment when launching the game – you can influence your destiny in this city and everything is in your hands. Have fun and get along with the furry cuties from Animal Crossing!