Amazing Frog

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Get to know one of the funniest superheroes you have ever seen – he is wearing a mask, covers himself with a cape, and… he is a frog. Not just an ordinary one, but an Amazing Frog! What makes him amazing is that he can drive cars, fly, do parkour, shoot the villains, and more. Are you already excited? This is not all. The game feels like GTA, featuring those funny, crazy, and unexpected moments that happen all the time while you proceed with the levels. Physics here are great, too, which evokes a bit ridiculous but entertaining effect – a silly character on the streets of a city, fooling around in a very realistic and natural manner. The game doesn’t have any central story, but a number of episodes, including small side-missions, which make the experience of every player truly unique. The openness of the universe allows you to explore all the corners of the city and decide you further actions yourself. Who knows, what will happen next! Maybe, you will get chased by a hostile shark, jump on the rooftops, ride a huge pig, or fly among the clouds. By the way, this game encourages cooperation with your friends, so you can call them and enjoy the adventures in a pretty large company – 4 players are allowed.