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What is Wildscapes? This is a mixture of two genres – three in a row and building simulator. This time we will blow up fruit chips, moving them to form lines of at least three identical fruits, and build a beautiful zoo populated by various exotic animals. How can these two completely different tasks possibly be combined? Everything is simple.

First we visit the zoo to look around and get to know all the animals. We are met by the charming watchman named Zack. He will guide us through the park and show us where everyone lives. It’s absolutely necessary to make friends with meek deer and lamas, and even more so with ferocious predators. Zack will also give you first assignments for zooscaping. The bear family is waiting for babies, so you have to expand the aviary so that there is enough space for the little ones. Monkeys need a palm tree to pluck juicy bananas from. And the tigers are hot in the summer and they need a pool where they could swim and cool off. You can also meet some of the visitors who will express their wishes to you. A mother with a flock of children will ask you to build a playground, and a nice old man with a walking stick will talk about adding a couple of benches where aged people like him could rest after a zoo tour. Where to get all this money? Of course, by passing the levels!

The more points you score in another three-in-a-row trial, the more money you will receive. All your experience in this genre will come in handy. Skillfully combine chips, get multipliers for several explosions at once. Try to fit into a minimal time – this will increase your score. Completing construction missions also brings prizes. At the end of the level, you will be able to buy new animals, equip their cages with everything they need and decorate your park with a huge arsenal of constructions! Launch Wildscapes online and start creating your perfect zoo right now!