Train Sim World

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Trains are amazing, especially the most modern and advanced ones. This type of transport surely is the most romantic one. In all movies and books, a railroad trips always symbolized a life-journey – here you start, you are on the board, but one day the trip ends and you are at the final destination. Maybe the idea of train is so dear to our hearts because we feel the importance and beauty of the long-distant trips as they are. However, being a passenger of a train is one story, while being a train driver is absolutely the other one. Let’s confess – most of us have been thinking something like: “I wish I was a train driver, but I won’t devote my whole life to this activity!” This is why the simulator games are so popular and awesome – they allow you to try something really exciting and especially something you would never implement in your real life. Train Sim World is a title where you can become a professional train driver for a couple of hours.

So in the game you will act like a real serious driver. You sit in the cabin where so many buttons are present. Very soon, you will understand how to control your train efficiently and find the best way to follow the routes. By the way, the routes are all real – you will see the real-world locations out of your window.