Tomb of the Mask: Color

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As we all know from numerous adventure films, books, and stories that depict plots about the expeditions of the researchers, you should never touch or steal anything in a pharaoh’s tomb or a half-ruined sacral temple or any other place like this. When you do, be ready that the place will not forget you – as a rule, the curse will be activated once you decide to make something that doesn’t belong to you yours. Well, if you are here just to take a look – no problem, but if you are a thief, then be ready for a punishment. On the other hand, it is really hard to resist when something magical appears in your hands. The relict can make you rich, beautiful, strong, or provide some super-natural powers to you, like flying or reading someone’s thoughts. At the same time, it is not very clear why do you need anything like that when a tomb won’t let you go out?
As a traveler and adventurer, you are in a situation described above. You wanted to take a mask that you have found in the ancient tomb. It is magical and you can use it to perform different tricks that neglect the laws of physics and gravitation. However, now you are stuck inside of the endless rooms – the labyrinths. And if you want to leave, then you will have to paint them in different colors.