The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

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Kids are imaginative and sometimes create a world of their dreams to run away from the problems of real life. Our hero, Chris, is a nine year old boy who experienced a great tragedy – his mother dies and his father is an alcoholic. Having to deal with his grief all on his own, he invents an alter ego – the mighty and noble Captain Spirit who fights against the evil Mantroid. Under the influence of Chris’ creative mind, his house changes into a fantastic battleground. The toys in his bedroom turn into superheroes and villains. To accomplish his mission, Chris has to perform tasks from his ‘List of Awesome Things to Do’ making up various challenges like stealing the keys of his dad’s car to control the Spirit Mobile. The atmosphere of the game is very moving and full of meaningful details that give us a touching image of Chris’ life. He is rather reserved, sensitive and very lonely. He misses his mother terribly since she was the only person he could confide in. She also taught him how to draw and one day Chris dreams of becoming an artist. Can you help him to fulfill this desire?