Tasty Planet 4

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Join the incredible adventure of a red cat who has the only thing on his mind: eating. The first location is Paris. Just like any other cat, our hero sizes the moment when nobody is in the kitchen and starts to eat everything that looks like food. Eating makes you not only fatter but bigger and when you grow you can proceed with eating larger objects! So eat everything you can and you will see how fun it is to be a Godzilla-cat. By the way, when you are finished with your meal in Paris, new levels and characters will become available for you. The fantasy of the Tasty Planet developers is unlimited, so we are sure that you’ll be amazed by the stories and characters they have prepared for you. Become an evil octopus and attack the Caribbean island to feel yourself as a mighty and ancient force of nature. Terrorize the depths of the Pacific Ocean as a hostile shark and joint your chops on everything that moves (and everything that doesn’t). Feel yourself as a heroic rat that tries to save the Savannah. There is also a penguin who protects his native lands from human. And have you ever seen an enormously large bee that grows larger than a car? In fact, these are only the main characters available in a game but there is more. When you move on during the game, you can also enjoy bonus animals such as a metal cat, an elephant, a whale, a hen, a child and more. Well, these are funny and a bit silly plots and characters for you to discover in Tasty Planet Forever. You will pass more than 100 different levels and see a number of various locations drawn with a great attention to every detail. So try Tasty Planet Forever on our website for free right now and have fun!