Talking Ben Vs Huggy Wuggy In The Poppy Playtime

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What do you know about real fear? If you have never been to the Playtime toy factory, you cannot realize the extent of real horror. Are you ready to sneak into a lair of monsters and survive? Luckily, this time you will not be alone. Talking Ben from the famous online game is also looking for some adventures. So he will be your main character in this entertainment. Nothing looks strange at the beginning – the building of the old factory looks completely abandoned. But the moment Ben steps inside it, a nightmare begins! It immediately turns out that this seemingly quiet place is full of terrible creatures. But just have a closer look – these are toys! They have come to life and are now obsessed with some evil power. These insane beasts will start cruel hunting trying to catch and destroy your character. So you need to do everything you can to protect Talking Ben and help him survive this bloody adventure. You should be especially careful not to fall victim of Huggy Wuggy. This is the scariest monster you have ever seen or read about. Long ago, he was just an innocent toy, but now Huggy Wuggy is ill-natured and dangerous. This giant wears an evil grin on his face. But it is only a mask that helps him to mislead his future victims. The giant can easily hug to death anyone he can approach close enough. So watch Ben to avoid this enemy. Be especially careful not to get lost in the ventilation shaft as the antagonist knows every inch here. Make sure to solve all puzzles and riddles you meet on your way – these will help you to get the helpful hints on your further steps. If you do everything correctly, Talking Ben has a chance to find the clue to all events of the past!