TABS 2019

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You are a captain of a strange army of dollish warriors. What’s your main aim? Well, it is simple and complicated at the same time. You have a limited budget to spend for a nice and strong army. Choose wisely – this is a very important moment that will decide the outcome of the future battle. Yes, this is the only chance for you to influence the battle, because you won’t have to control your characters when the struggle will start. So make sure that you buy heroes in a very scrupulous way. Pick different warriors for various parts of your field. This must be soldiers that strike on long distances and those, who are good at a close fight. Make sure that you place them correctly on the field, this is crucial. Also, some categories of warriors have different tools and incredible devices like catapult. They are amazing as well, so don’t neglect any.

When you win the battles, you will receive more money for new soldiers. This way, the better you arrange your team and fight, the more chances you have to get more warriors, who are even greater. Victories won’t just let you move forward and check new levels and enemies, but also increase your chances to become a real champion of TABS arena. So good luck!