Spyro 3 Reignited Trilogy

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Final part of dragon adventures is already available! This time, your favorite violet dragon along with friends are chasing a kidnaper – a hare, who decided to spoil the most important event in the Kingdom. She took away the egg that has just came into the world. She has evil plans: being a pupil of Witch, she is going to join her and rip off the wings of the newborn. They contain magical powers. The one, who possess them, achieves an eternal life. You cannot allow this! Save the small dragons from the kidnappers and get the eggs back to the native lands where they really belong. Luckily, Bianca has uncovered herself during the affair and now you know that she is a thief, so follow her and get the eggs back. You will fly over numerous lands like Midnight Mountains, Mushroom Valleys, Starfish Riffs and many more. Speedy cheetah Hunter, dragonfly Sparks, kangaroo Sheila and other characters will help you on your way.