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We are glad to present another amazing game from the .io series. Now you are welcome to draw and guess with! The rules are very simple: you choose the word and draw it. Then you show your picture to the other players and they have to guess the word. The smartest and the fastest players, who guess the words faster than the others, receive points. A player with the highest number of points gains the title of a winner. When the game starts, the drawer will receive three different options of words to choose from. Choose the one that seems the most interesting to you and go on! When you are done with choosing, you have eighty seconds for drawing. You are welcome to use different paints, colors, and even drawing instruments to be as clear and understandable as you want. The tool for drawing is very similar to the Paint program, however, it is a bit more high-quality and advanced. The interface is more than intuitive and you will cope with it immediately. When you draw your picture, make sure to be as precise as you can! Or you can try to confuse your game mates by making things a bit less obvious. The choice is yours. By the way, you have a motivation to be original and creative: the images can be rated by other players. You will receive likes for producing funny and awesome images, so do your best. When you have already drawn a picture, the players on the other side of the screen will have to guess your word and they will compete with each other. Yes, the fastest player wins, therefore they will try to type their guesses in a general chat as fast as they can. Guesses=points! The more points a player gets, the better. The points increase chances to win the game! Play it for free on our website right now and have fun with your friends!