Potion Craft

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Always dreamed of cracking the secrets of alchemy? You can do it in Potion Craft! This game will teach you how to combine various ingredients and brew potions that can heal or kill. You just have to get some herbs in your garden and mix them according to the research map.

To start cooking, throw the ingredients into the mortar, grind them and add them to the cauldron. You can go straight with the cauldron, but this will waste more resources. When the recipe is redy, stir the brew with a spoon. Keep an eye on the research map – it will show whether the potion has a useful effect. Once it’s reached, heat it up with the help of fur. If everything is done correctly, we get a potion.

Recipes for once brewed potions can be placed in an alchemy book. The number of possible entries is not limited, but initially there will be only six recipe slots. You can expand the alchemy book by purchasing special pages from merchants. The good thing about the studied potions is that you can either craft them with one click or continue their research on the map starting from the finale point in the recipe.

Potions are not created just for scientific purposes. Every day a variety of visitors and merchants come to the shop. Trading with them will provide you with money and also some rare ingredients for your research. It is interesting that each customer tells their own story, based on which we need to understand what they need and give it to them. From the buyer’s reaction to the proposed potion, you can determine whether this was the right thing. If everyone is happy, a deal is made.

You can also bargain in an attempt to gain more gold, then you will have to play a small, unpretentious mini-game. Coins are very useful in order to get special ingredients, equipment and upgrades from merchants. Start playing Potion Craft right now and become the wisest alchemist in the world!