Poly Bridge 2

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Welcome to Poly Bridge 2, the game where the entire world becomes your engineering sandbox. Well, maybe, not the entire one, but definitely the most important parts of the cities, towns, and villages – the bridges. As you might remember from the very first chapter of the game, this title is about creating bridges over the rivers. Your task is to make up a truly strong, reliable, and beautiful bridge that will serve for a long time! And, of course, handle the cars that are heavy enough to break it. What is more, if you will fail to build reliable constructions, the cars can fall down and crush or drown in the waters of the river below. Are you ready for such an interesting and responsible duty? Then here you go!
Enter the workshop and start completing the building puzzles on every level. Also, you will have a chance to create such levels filled with engineering puzzles with your own hands. The best thing here is an opportunity to share your tasks with the other players – the game has a large community and local players are glad to show what they have invented. This means that the game has a never-ending number of possible tasks to complete, as well as variable complexity and so many unexpected turns. User-generated content is something that makes the games really special! As well as an incredible sharing experience. What is more, you are welcome to play online and take part in the streaming sessions, where your most favorite builders will play in the real time. Do you want to master their craft? There is no better way to do that than watching them working. Have fun, share your masterpieces, and become the best builder ever.