Pokémon Masters

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Is there something better than our favorite stories that come back again and again? Each come-back is no less great than all the previous ones and maybe even more awesome. Characters and names we know from our childhood are heart-warming and we can never say ‘good-bye’ to them, even we grow adult. This is a case for Pokemon franchise for sure. It is hard to say that there is at least one person on earth who have seen the pocket monsters and didn’t fall in love with them. That’s why, the game developers never stop gladdening us with new games of the series and this time we are going to present a real hit of Pokemon world. This is Pokemon Masters, a thrilling, energetic, and endlessly amazing game about the pocket monsters and their human-friends.

So the new adventures are already starting and you are most welcome to join. This time, you and your small furry friends (or maybe not that small and not so furry) will go for a trip to a distant island. The reason for this voyage is the following: the largest and most famous pokemon tournament is going to be held right there. As an experienced and motivated young pokemon master, you decide to show your skills and courage and win the competition. The world league cannot begin without you! If you will try really hard and do your best, then the victory is yours. But get ready – the league gathers the most powerful and skilled masters along with their pokemons from all corners of the world. You will struggle with famous masters and make your way to success through numerous difficulties. Also, the game allows players to unite into teams and you will have a chance to gather your friends and find new ones to struggle all together.