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Pikuniku is an amazing combination of cuteness, silliness, and mysteriousness. If you find such a mix pretty attractive, then you should try playing this toy for sure. You are a red ball with legs (really great legs – stretchy and strong). You start your journey on a hill, walking around the place, kicking things with your legs and just behaving like any other leggy red blob would do. Then you make your way to the town and meet the citizens, who have a small surprise for you. All those years, they thought that you were a gigantic monster, willing to swallow their native town along with them. However, as they meet you, you don’t make an impression like that. Still, you won’t avoid being imprisoned until the bridge is fixed (it is said that it might be your fault). The bridge is very important for these guys, because it is the heart of their economy, you know. They use it to transfer crops and get supplies for living. At this point, all the crazy stuff will start happening to you. Get ready to meet a number of strange characters, accept their tasks, and find out the story of this unusual world. You will become a rebel and start the revolution, so be ready to see a really unexpected plot twists while you play!