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Phasmophobia is a game that will surely impress you if you a fan of horrors! This psychological thriller will send you on a quest of a paranormal research. You will play in the company of other team members, in total there may be up to four participants in the game. Get ready for unpredictable plot twists because you have to check plenty of different buildings and areas crawling with angry ghosts, hideous monsters and unknown powers that can drive you crazy or even kill you if you’re not carefully enough!

Your primary task is to collect as much evidence as you can that will point to the existence of such forces. There is a lot of cool equipment that will help you track the supernatural phenomena. You will be able to record data and videos that will then be sent to a special department. But you also need to take care of your protection, so you will also have access to various incredible weapons that can be used to fight off the vile spirits. It’s important to coordinate your actions with the rest of the players and watch each other’s backs. Distribute responsibilities correctly and you’ll definitely succeed! Suspenseful ambience, amazing graphics and thrilling story will keep you playing for hours!