Natural Disaster Survival

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Disasters are part of nature. But very few of us have faced them in real life. This game is a manual of how to survive in those situations. You’ll find yourself in a city that is about to experience a natural catastrophe. And you don’t know for sure what it will be. Analyzing certain factors – for instance, the weather or cloud density – you can try and guess whether it’s going to be a sand storm, a blizzard or an acid rain. And spend a 20 second time window making preparations. For instance, you can look for shelter and simply sit the disaster out. Or, if you crave more action, walk into the streets and act on the fly. Aside from you, there will also be other players in the city. After each round, some of them will drop out. Your goal is to survive through as many disasters as possible and remain the last man standing. This isn’t going to be easy, but the more you play the faster you begin to think and act. And ability to take quick and accurate decisions is a key to finding a way out of any catastrophe!