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Welcome to a new io game that will challenge you to evolve into a mighty creature of your choice! This is a riveting evolution simulator that will introduce you to a wide variety of species that populate a virtual environment. Inside that environment, they live and evolve following a pretty simple cycle – eating, sleeping, hunting and hiding. All like in nature! Your main goal is to upgrade your create to the highest level in the chosen range (earth or water) and also gain a maximum amount of points. Many players agree that ‘real game’ begins when the animal reaches the highest level. However, developers made sure it’s thrilling to play for any species. Every level has unique skills helping you to haunt or hide more efficiently. The animals you can eat are marked with a blue circle while those who can eat you are marked with a red one. Take your chance in and see how long you will be able to survive and how evolved your creature will become under your guidance!