Microsoft Flight Simulator

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To pilot a plane in the real world, you need to finish a special aviation course. That means long hours of studying, including theoretical material that you have to learn by heart and practice to make sure you remembered everything you were taught in the class. In Microsoft Flight Simulator, you don’t need any education! You can simply get into the cockpit, start the engine and rush forward together with the wind!

Your piloting career will start at one of the numerous airports in the game. With time, you’ll be able to visit them all, but right now you need to get the hang of the controls and get used to the gameplay a bit. As you gain height, don’t get too distracted by the marvelous views unfolding before your eyes and focus on the data from the control panel. You need to consider every aspect if you don’t want your plane to crush!

However, in the first minutes of your flight experience, you will hardly be able to tear your eyes off the landscape. It is so detailed and plausible that it’s just like looking down on earth from the window of a real plane! The world of Microsoft Flight Simulator is huge and versatile. You are free to explore it, but remember to land once in a while to fill your tank.

Although you can fly at will, it’s much more fascinating to complete various missions! In the process, you’ll have to deliver cargos and passengers to various locations on the map. Regulate the power of your engine, perform amazing aerial stunts, slow down and even your plane to make a successful landing. Participate in incredible adventures and try different plane models in action. Become the king of the skies!