Krampus is Home

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The new generation of horror games is already coming. Krampus Is Home is one of the first and most expected titles of that kind. The game developers done their best to make the monsters in this game act like real, so you will be very surprised and scared! You are going to play for a young boy named Sebastian. It is Christmas eve and he is alone in the house. However, very soon he realizes that he is actually not. There is someone out there, but the possible meet is not going to be pleasant. The ancient spirit of evil, Krampus, has visited Sebastian this Christmas instead of Santa. It seems like someone was a very bad boy and now Krampus is here to punish! His punishment is not a simple trick or joke. It seems like he is trying not only to hurt you, but to kill you. So run away fast! Other monsters will also chase you, so look around you – they might be near. Gladly, you have a gun, so don’t be shy to give those filthy creatures a couple of nice bullets!

The game has an incredible atmosphere – very thrilling, anxious, and scary. The best thing here is the views. They are so realistic and beautiful, that you will have a feeling that you are watching a movie, not playing a horror game. The developers did their best to create a very unpredictable title, where you never know what is waiting for you on your next step of around the corner. The monsters use AI technologies, so these guys learn fast. They will not only learn your basic patterns to hunt you more successfully, but also will change their own patterns to make your confused. Indeed, this is a new approach to survival horrors, which makes them even more terrifying, realistic, and hard to manage. Indeed, the experience you are going to have when playing Krampus is Home is totally unique and unforgettable. So if you need a really good strike of adrenaline and horror, then the time has come to check this one out! Krampus cannot wait to play with you.