Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1

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Hello, Neighbor! – we hope, that you will never have to say this phrase to the main character of this game. He is a creepy guy who lives near you. This is a truly strange person and you suspect him to be… a real killer. The guy who used to live here before has disappeared all of a sudden and then you saw the brand new neighbor carrying a heavy sack on his back, digging a hole, and hiding something in the forest. Could this be the previous neighbor? Of course, this is your first thought and you decide to enter the house, find out everything about this guy, and find the proof for your suspicions. Make sure that he doesn’t catch you – he walks fast, quietly, and attacks all of a sudden.
The AI-controlled main enemy will make you shiver from fear, because he learns from you, invents new tricks, predicts your actions, and even repeats the smart ideas you come up with. Wherever you go, be ready that this man will be somewhere near. Well, you are in his house, so he is not very happy to see you. What is more, he is supposed to be a criminal and has something to hide – he doesn’t want you to find out anything. At the same time, he cannot fight with you directly – his methods are different and you are going to find out everything about them. Hopefully, you will stay alive after an adventure like this.