Helix Jump Unblocked

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Sometimes even the simplest arcades can be extremely challenging and captivating, and Helix Jump is just an example. At first sight, your task is easy: guiding a hopping ball up a spiraling tower. But that implies not only good reflexes, but also ability to calculate your every move and envision the trajectory beforehand. Each level is more complicated than the previous and your missions gets tougher with the addition of platforms where you can’t land and other structures requiring you to think rather than act first. The game is very colorful and exciting. You can spend hours jumping along the winding labyrinth and still there will be a new challenge waiting you on the next level. If you appreciate tricky arcades that don’t only allow you to relax and have fun, but also set your brain to work, this is a nice choice for either a short break in the middle of your office day or a multihour play session!