Getting Over It

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Here is a new, unusual take on the platformer genre! Play as a humble man named Diogenes who got trapped in a cauldron and has to make his way out using a huge hammer to hook on objects and thus move over the place. This is much like mountaineering where you try to control the hero’s upper body climbing the walls of the cauldron and its contents. Think this is simple? Not quite. If you fail to calculate your next move, you will drop several meters (or whatever units of measurement are to the point here) and will have to start your challenging crusade from very deep down under.

As you move up the cauldron, the game grows ore and more challenging. It doesn’t have any checkpoints, so you continuously risk to be thrown a couple of minutes back. Will you be able to get to the peak of the mountain? When that happens, the game asks if you record your progress. If your answer is no, you get to a chat with other players who have accomplished their mission. The most exciting part, though, is the voice-over by Bennett Foddy who deliberates on different philosophical questions offering an amusing background for your efforts. He also comments on your failures and supports you on your way.