Gacha Club

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Japanese cartoons are great! They are so bright and stylish that when you watch one, a desire to create your own characters and write their story is so natural. Have you ever thought about anything like that? Maybe, a lack of opportunities stopped you. For example, you cannot draw very well, don’t have the equipment, studio, and other tools for successful work. However, now you don’t need that – Gacha Club is here to provide you with everything needed for a perfect anime episode! Yes, your dreams come true today.
Gacha is a creative environment and more than just a game. You have to create everything from the ground up – your character (or a couple of them), his/her story, place where the story happens, and other amazing details. Not only you are going to create the series and see your characters playing their roles. You can also control them and investigate the environment of the game world. Here you will find numerous amazing games, training spot, and even a battle arena. Gacha has so many amazing entertainments for you! Don’t miss such a great game – we have uploaded an absolutely free game for you! Press the Play button and get into the world of Gacha! Thousands of other anime fans are already waiting for you there!