Friday Night Funkin vs Slenderman

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Slenderman is a wicked character and antagonist here. He has become famous for his cruelty but initially he was just a creepypasta lad without any fame and recognition. Now, he will be Boyfriend’s and your rival in this rhythm game. The task is to win and throw Slenderman back to his terrible world. You will be fighting with such songs as Thanatophobia, Static, and Engage. Your victorious match will depend on your ability to focus on music.

Use the Story Mode or Free Game Mode: both of them are quite beneficial. The arrow buttons on your keyboard will help you to match the arrow coming from beneath with those floating around Boyfriend’s head. If you continue matching them successfully till the end of each song, you will win. If you fail many times, you will need to start from the beginning. Though, we hope that your story will be a winning one. Good luck!