FNAF World Simulator

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FNAF World is one of the parts in a popular horror series about Freddie the bear. However, this part is not like any of the previous ones. In the past, you had to sit in the room and try to avoid being murdered by animatronic monsters. However, we bet that you always wanted to play for one of those bright creepy dolls, didn’t you? Well, your dream comes true today. This time, you can choose one of the animatronics and even create a team of them to go for an exciting adventure together. You will be able to choose from familiar characters as well as a number of new ones. During the game, you will wander around mysterious locations and discover new territories. However, be careful – the enemies are all around and they will try to interrupt your mission and harm you and your companions. The opponents will be really strong, therefore you need a company of other animatronics to cover your back and fight along with you. You can win the battle only as a team. Attack the enemies to decrease their health points and move on. Be aware that you won’t be able to go further until you overcome the opponent! You should watch yourself as well as your team members. If one of them dies, the game will over and you will have to start all over again.