FNAF Security Breach

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What do you think it’s like to be possessed? Imagine a voice that constantly talks in your head saying things you don’t want to hear and gradually filling your mind with its own will. You stop differentiating your own thoughts from the phrases dictated by the unknown invader. They keep spinning in your ears making you lose your mind. It gets more and more complicated to resist the orders that keep pouring into your conscience. And sooner or later you lose the ability to fight it and become a mindless weapon in the hands of some evil spirit or magician. This is what happened to the main heroine of FNAF Security Breach and now everything depends on whether she’ll be able to defeat the enemy that wants to bend her willpower!

If you played all the previous parts of FNAF, you can remember a secondary character named Vanessa. She used to be a usual girl with a bend for programming. One day she was asked to work on chips for animatronics, a new kind of mechanical dolls for one pizza house. She couldn’t even suspect this promising job will ruin her whole life! The chips turned turned out to be infected with a dark curse. After a while, the girl realized someone is living inside her head. This person was a brutal and heartless one and kept luring her to the side of evil. Vanessa tried to deal with it somehow, but she couldn’t drive the nagging voice away. So eventually she went nuts, put on a suit of a white rabbit and walked out to accomplish her first murder. You must stop her before it’s too late!

The events of the new part will take place not in the same pizzeria, but at a huge entertainment complex. You will have to avoid meeting Vanessa while also preventing her from killing an innocent child who got lost here after the building was closed. The boy is in mortal danger and right now Vanessa doesn’t control herself. You need to show a lot of ingenuity and self-composure if you want to prevent a terrible crime. The game will thrill you with plenty of screamers, new animatronics and a gripping storyline. Plunge into this blood-chilling horror adventure right now and try to survive!