Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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Meet the charming bandicoot named Crash and help him in his adventures! After a lab experiment that went awry, Crash gained human conscience and ran off. Now you have to make sure his pursuers don’t get to him. Crash’s attacks are controlled with one single button. With his Tornado Spin, he can break boxes scattered along the way and kill his enemies. There are many types of those, and each box requires a certain key to open it. Inside, you will find fruits that our hero needs to eat to refill his health, bonus lives and protection masks. Besides, you can come across boxes with letter C. If you break them, you can return to the same place after you die. Having gathered all boxes on the level without losing any of your lives will grant you a gem. After you collect all the gems, you’ll gain access to a secret ending. The game features many additional levels where you can get more fruits and lives and also meet characters that will help you in the future. The gameplay is simple, but the thrill is huge!