Challenge For Fortnite Dances

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How well do you dance? Can you set your inner dance free and make the disco flame? Our app will help you to find that out! All dance emote videos you’ve ever seen in your favorite game are available in one pack and in great quality! Will you be able to take that challenge? You can record your performance and post it on YouTube just after it’s done. You don’t have to edit it or do any other cumbersome actions to participate in the contest. It’s all easy and fun! And, most importantly, it’s a good way to learn dancing if you still feel unconfident about your moves. This app will turn you into a dance floor star! Just start moving to the rhythm and repeating everything you see on the screen. It’s not that hard, you can do it! A little practice, that’s all separating you from becoming a skillful dancer! Join our challenge and prove that you know how to move your body!