Brain Out

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Are you ready for the most brain wracking puzzle collection in your life? The one that has a pack of complicated, tricky and what is the most amazing and unique – funny tasks? Then the time has come to start your Brain Out journey and join the game right now. If you are willing to spend a couple of hours training your brain and testing your thinking skills, then there is no better option than incredible Brain Out, one of the most popular and advanced puzzle collections ever existed. Here we go! The game is a series of different puzzles that vary in principles, complexity, and approach. This means that each time you see a task in front of you, you need to apply all of your skills and find out how to deal with it in the real time. Be ready that all patterns you have developed before and all habits you have already won’t help you! The idea of the game is that you need to invent creative and smart solutions every time, with each new challenge you take!
Be ready that the game is full of unexpected, strange, and truly absurd tasks and their solutions. About 150 different levels that vary in all aspects, from difficulty, principles, and methods to everything you can even imagine. Show that you can make complicated decisions and surprise yourself with the steps you take to solve the most absurd tasks – there will be a plenty of them in the game. You won’t have to deal with any traditional and boring tasks like matching the same pictures or making one shape fit another shape – this is not something you will see in Brain Out!