5 nights at Freddys 2020

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You’ve a job of a night guard in a pizzeria, but there is nothing to celebrate here. Not because this is not a job of your dream, but because your life is in danger now. Welcome to FNaF, a horror game where you need to handle the rush of animatronics, who has one aim – make your scared to death. Each of them has his or her own traits of character and special moves, so you will have to learn their behavior to avoid being murdered. Everything sounds pretty simple – you stay in the office at night, all alone, but something you need to guard is actually your own life in 5 nights at Freddys 2020. The creatures turn into killers and try to come into your room and make you scared to death. The problem is that you cannot just barricade the doors and windows or take a shotgun and get rid of those nasty bears and rabbits. You have to come up with a plan.

Once you can see an animatronic coming near to your place, you have to understand which entrance he or she will use and close it. Unfortunately, you cannot close all of them. The first night won’t bring you too much difficulties – animatronics won’t too fast or bizarre. However, the further you move, the more dangerous they become. The next nights of yours are going to be more dangerous, since the monsters will attack massively and you will have to decide which entrances you should block, regarding the possible order of their invasions. Sometimes, you will have an opportunity to distract the creatures, so make sure that you do that, since this is something that will increase your chances to survive. There are more parts of this horror title available on our resource, so don’t hesitate to check them. Get ready for a real thrill and don’t get jumpscared to death!